Daimler Trucks & Busses - IAA, Mercedes Benz Actros Reveal

Daimler Trucks & Busses - Opening trailer for the reveal
of the new Mercedes Benz Actros at IAA 2018, Hannover

© 2018


Concept and Direction: Kay Lottermoser
Editing & Color: Philipp Hahn
Motion Design: Weltraumgrafik
Illustration: Katrin Funcke
Production: Die Paten

Camera - Minimala

Music Video for the band Camera
Experimental Project based on Nasa-CC-0-Footage.

Official Music Video
© 2018


Music: Camera - Minimala
Label: Bureau B

Sika AG, Switzerland - Digital Asset Manager

Explanatory Video
Concept, Illustration and Animation

© 2018


Sika: Sika.com
Sound: Gilbert Waser

Immersive Audio/Video-Installation
@TOA17, Funkhaus Berlin, Soundchamber

12/13th July 2017
Soundchamber, Funkhaus Berlin

Together with the soundartist Lukas Taido,
Barco-Iosono and the MXWendler-Team,
we planned and created a room installation
using a setup of 9 projectors and 36 speakers,
transforming Funkhaus Berlin's Soundchamber
into a place of immediate immersion.

© 2017


Music by: Lukas Taido, Waveshaper Studios
Curated by: Hendrik Wendler, Genius Loci
Sponsoring Sound: Barco Iosono
Mapping Support: Emanuele Musca, MXWendler
Documentation: Nico Mews
Many thanks to: Tech Open Air, Berlin 2017

Projection Mapping @ Light Move Festival, Lodz, Poland

Quick excerpt of our work at
Light Move Festival, Lodz
produced for a collaboration with
Mammasonica, Italy

© 2017


Event Page: Light Move Festival, Lodz
A Collaboration with: Mammasonica
Sound: Giancarlo Trimarchi, Mammasonica

Audiovisual Concert

30th January 2016
Postpalast, München

Munich Philharmonic Orchestra -
Tschaikowski Symphony No. 4 f-mol

Specially produced video content for Tschaikowski's 4th symphony and a video setup for 8 beamers in a 360°-arrangement.

© 2016


Event curated by: Urbanscreen, Bremen
Videotechnic & Setup by: Crushed Eyes, München
Event Organisation by: Brennt!, München
Additional Support by: Ragna Pidun

Moderat - Eating Hooks

2D-Design & Animation / Title-Design for
Moderat's "Eating Hooks"

Official Music Video
© 2016


Direction: Pfadfinderei
Taken from the Album III by : Moderat
released on: Monkeytownrecords

"The Future of Mapping"
Talking @ Mutek_IMG, Montreal


Mutek: mutek.org
Event-Page: The Future of Mapping

Homage / Collage
Projection Mapping Jakobsbplan, Weimar

Winning submission for
Genius Loci Facade Projection Festival,Weimar
7th till 9th of August 2015.

Thanks to everyone, who supported me!

© 2015


Genius Loci award page

Projection Mapping
for re:publica 2015

produced in
HD / 60fps

© 2015


Track: Triosk & Jan Jelinek - Distant Shore
Client, Setup & Mapping: MX Wendler

Live-Video-Production for Moderat

in collaboration with Pfadfinderei

© 2014


Stage & concept: Pfadfinderei
Label: Monkeytown Records
Moderat: Moderat Website

Moderat-Versions-Live @ Melt-Festival
Video by Arte

Projection Mapping
at Ettersburg Castle, Weimar

produced for
Deutsche Kindermedienstiftung
"Goldener Spatz", Erfurt

© 2014


Concept & Production:
Phil Max Schöll & Marcel Weber
Soundproduction: Roly Porter
Setup & Mapping: MX Wendler
Projection: Lotus Lumina

Paul Kalkbrenner Live-Video-Production

“Guten Tag”-Tour 2013

© 2013
Visual-Production for
Paul Kalkbrenner's "Guten Tag"-Tour.


Concept: Pfadfinderei

Ellen Allien - Lism

Official Music Video

© 2013
Fragments of Ellen Allien's album "Lism",
a travel through a dreamer's troubled mind.


In Collaboration
with Pfadfinderei
Label: Bpitch Control

Thanks to: Dom, Caro & Julia

Ellen Allien - Need

Official Music Video

© 2012
Concept, Art Direction and Motion Design


Pictures: Michael Mann
Clients: Pfadfinderei
Label: Bpitch Control

Filmtitles 2013-2015

Short compilation of titledesign-projects,
created in the last two years:

So schön wie du
© 2014 / Director: Franziska Pflaum / rbb / hff-potsdam
*Deutscher Kurzfilmpreis 2014, Bester Film

© 2015 / Director: Sina Ataeian Dena
*Locarno International Film Festival 2015

At home / Sto Spiti
© 2014 / Director: Athanasios Karanikolas / SHPN3 / Oxymoron / ZDF - Das Kleines Fernsehspiel
*Berlinale 2014

Draussen der Wald
© 2013 / Director: Franziska Pflaum / HFF Potsdam

Virgil & Evan
© 2013 / Director: Franziska Pflaum / HFF Potsdam
*Diagonale Graz, 2014

© 2013 / Director: Phil Max Schöll / weltraumgrafik / pfadfinderei

Ellen Allien - Sun the Rain

Official Music Video
Taken from the Album "Dust"

Released on Bpitch Control © 2010

Concept, Direction,
Montage & Post-Production


In Collaboration
with Pfadfinderei
Label: Bpitch Control

Many Thanks to: Jeans, Morgan Belenguer, Chris, Fab, Jen, Suzanne & Laura


Experimental Macro Stop Video

© 2011
Macro Stop Trick Animation visualizing small and slow processes that usually can't be seen by the eye itself, using the methods of retro-photography.

Showreel '08

© 2008
Works for Pfadfinderei, Sony Ericsson Mobile Sessions, Bitsontheblade,KN and mainly free projects.


Phil Max Schöll is a Berlin-based motion designer and video artist.

He was born in Munich in '82 and studied design in Konstanz and Potsdam. After moving to Berlin and studying motion design, he joined the Pfadfinderei VJ-collective where he was working on live visuals and event conceptions.

After that, in 2008, he founded his own studio welt/raum/grafik (which roughly translates as 'world/room/space/graphics') and wants to stand for clear, well-done vector-based graphics, preferably in non-digital places like in the urban space or for events.

welt/raum/grafik produces videos and creates motion graphics — sometimes big, sometimes very simple. Whatever needs to be done, the desire is to make it either unique, beautiful or at least very appropriate.

The video productions so far, have spanned almost all special formats, including 4k-cinema productions, high-pitch-pixel-LEDs, multi HD-projections, immersive 360°installations, mapping and architectural projections.


welt/raum/grafik is part of a collective office network in Berlin-Kreuzberg that is peopled by first-rate creative colleagues, that enable to take on advanced projects from concept to final production encompassing all aspects of design-, video- & sound- production.

Much of the works has met with acclaim and won prizes including several pieces that developed from long-term collaborations with various Berlin-based film directors or the Pfadfinderei collective.


Phil Max Schöll
Reichenbergerstrasse 125 / 10999 Berlin

phil -at- weltraumgrafik.de